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Photos 4A Cure

Introducing the Pink Portraits collection!

Did you know that every two minutes a woman in the US is diagnosed with breast cancer? Did you also know that there are over 3 million breast cancer survivors in our country alone? Whether it has impacted your life, the life of someone you know, or even the lives of complete strangers, every woman deserves a chance to fight and win against this terrible disease.

For every step forward in research there is a life saved. AMissMess Photography is proud to raise awareness with Photos For A Cure; a collection of “Pink Portraits” that will assist in this cause. For every product purchased in collaboration with this project, a donation will be made to breast cancer research. Help make these donations possible by booking today. Take part. Tell a friend. Save a life.

Be a part of Photos 4A Cure by capturing your own portrait in glorious pink. A donation is made to Breast Cancer research with every purchase.


A photoshoot is a great excuse to kick up your heels, shop til you drop, and just plain have FUN, and Pink Portraits are no exception! Whether they are of yourself, mother-daughter photos, or pictures with your best friend, you are documenting one of the most important things; you, in THIS moment! So, take the time to make it great; select an outdoor location of your choice, bring all the pink you can wear, and leave the smiles up to me.

What To Expect

  • Dress in your favorite outfit (pink is great!), one that fits your style & personality
  • Don’t forget accessories such as shoes, jewelry & hats
  • Come with hair & makeup ready to ensure you look fabulous
  • If you like, bring a friend to share in the fun and laughs